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Title:Let me be yours..
Posted on: Monday, September 06, 2010

back blogging again! :D
as i FOUND the motivation to live on!
it's been quite a long while since i sit down & blog.
but,my life has filled with rainbow joys & love.
finally i met the right one before me.
he has been there for me always.
I am so happy to have him in my life.
HE gave me the BEST that i can never ask.
HE makes me feel so loved every-day.
HE brings joy into my life & calm my depressing soul.
HE carries me whenever i get tired & lazy legs.
HE holds my hands when i wanted to let it go.
HE hugs me tightly when i needed one.
HE comforts me when i am feeling down.
HE embraces me up, when i feel to die.
HE commits his faithful heart to me wholeheartedly.
HE the one, a down-to-earth guy of his words.
HE forever be the love of my life.

darling, thankyou for being so sweet to me! :D I am feeling so happy right now.
having you by my side during the darkest period of my life.
exchanging our vows-to-be and making it come true soon.
I Thank you dear, for what you have given me..
All i want now & more.. is to be with you eternally..

Title:nothing like you..
Posted on: Friday, June 25, 2010

happybirthdayniece bridget
may you have a sweet & lovely 7th bday! :D
always loving you girl..
havent had time, to really sit down and blog.
my life has changed tremendously..
a better life, adding a sweeter smile..
and a motivated mindset..
also, i've decide to settle everything down..
i am no longer young, its time to find a soulmate.
and i've found him..haha! :D
i am the luckiest,fortunate girl..i am being blessed! :D
If by now, i havent met him..
i would still remain that quiet & emotionless girl..
if it wasnt for him...
i will not dare/want to committ into another relationship..
if it wasnt for him...
perhaps, im still lost in my own world..
thankyou mylove..♥patricktang!
sweetheart..do cheer up! :D you deserve someone better...
like the (one) near you/us..
i know you still love him, but he dont deserve it..
girl, be strong..as you still have me! :D
or/and the rest of the members of G-five! :D cheers`

Posted on: Monday, June 07, 2010

happybirthdayphang zixin
may you have a blessed 19th birthday! :)
stay cheerful,fun & loving.. :)
Thursday 030610

went to love's EC dinner today..:)
the food is nice..except the dessert,
that disappoints me in the end..
waited for love to end work..
didnt expect him to see me home..
but again, he did.. :) hehe.
had a long slow walk with him..
chatted,& jokingly suaning one another..
simply enjoyed his company..:)
all because of sending me home,
he dont mind missing the last train..
so he cabbed home..silly love.
thanks mydear for everything! :)
Saturday 050610

went to meet love & bro km to chill at clarke quay..
after their work @ charcoal..:)
i love this unforgettable night.
all of us were so High, and partially sober..
did kind of a 'paiseh' thing..haha.
love was quite drunk that he forgotten
the most memorable thing..
stupidboy!at least, i remembered clearly..
cabbed home with love aft chill.
reached home at 4am.. broke record..
its a good good night, i know it is! :)
Today 070610

double happiness, double blessings! :D
love had deliveries nearby..
so (on the way) to fetch me home from work.
he wanted to give a surprise..in the end,
it turned out to be a rather big surprise.
finally we were caught red-handed from our friends..
but love was much more surprised than I do. haha.

reached home & realised maid didnt cook dinner.. ):
planned to go down to buy back home..
just nice, love was still somewhere nearby..
& he bought me macdonalds for dinner. :)
aww,thanks my silly dear..
i'm feeling so so blessed today..:)
i havent had this feeling for such a long while..
& now i've found it right here again..

Title:Endurance & Success..
Posted on: Saturday, May 22, 2010

lazy and tired to update blog..
but still have to..hahah!
[sweetheart IVYNG!] here's a new blog entry! LOL!
PASSIONRUN 10km marathon today!
i got a silver medal!
56 mins-10km! best run-time record so far! (:
HAVE the need to thanks alotalot of people & things today..
GOD,my mother,my BFF(s),my'laogong',
my bro's ipod, my new nike shoes! :D
for being there for me, morally/physically! :D
andand sweetheart for cursing me to fall down,
before my race starts..!
hahha!! but i didnt throughout! :D
I'm doing great in school..
but still lacking of some time-management..
juggling between gatherings with family & friends & myself..
kind of stressful sometimes..FACE IT!

churching tmr! whooo..
gonna sleep now..too happy to sleep though! (:
goodnights all, & thanks everybody! :D

i felt i have changed alot..for the better? haha.

Posted on: Saturday, May 08, 2010

Its babynick's nephew bday today! :D
hereby, wishing him a happy & healthy 1st bday! :D

school work is getting on fine,no stress! LOL :D
just that sometimes, we just cant self-orientate ourselves
while working..& chef has to raise his voice! haha..:p
1 month down, 5 months to graduation! :D

went home to changed & bathed
then meet yingting @ marinasquare.
ate mac then chatted..LOLs.
we were actually talking about our friend shawnlee.
i havent seen him for a long time..
apparently,just as we walked out, we saw him & his gf!
as my friend shouted "hey,look shawn!!"..LOL.
this is so spooky ah! lols, lucky day too! :D

rushed off to meet my deli-friends! & someone! :D
happyhappy to see all of them,esp someone! :D
had a fun-short-time with km,kx,him,zul&vel!:D
loveyou guys plenty! :D , for making my day brighter!
had mcflurry @ lot1 with vel..
then reached home at 11.40pm! :D
fun,tired day!♥ & i'm missing them le..haha.
TOMORROW, mother's day! (:
hmm, what's the plan gonna be? lols.
Brain-storming* :D

Title:Freaking Happy..
Posted on: Tuesday, April 06, 2010

thanks everybody dcs408B ppl for making my day..
& today's outing with sweetheart
& my referal exam results! (:
firstly, kangwei came back schl to hand up reportbook.
finally, all of them graduated lerhs! lols,
6 months to go~ wait for me guys! :D

secondly, get to see MATTHEW SEAH! (:
wow, its been looong since we last met!
glad to see you perservered through all! :D welldone!
Thirdly, i think i did pretty well for my referal practical exam today! (:
perhaps,maybe im into hospital food alrdy, so,
whatever food i taste just nice, chefs will say its bland..
so i shall cook it salty, then chefs would say its nice? hmmm..
be it what! (: congrats myself!!
went amk hub to meet sweetheart and her shishus.. :)
it was a rather fun nightout with them! (:
slacked around blk 323 water fountain to have dinner..
then some crazy photoshooots! (:
luckily today im QUITE lame!, or i would have bored my poor sweetie! :p

trained home at 9pm! (: & i've got a new maid..erh..lols..thats random
ok, production tmr, and meeting nicknick!(:
gooodnights all♥

and oh yah, DIXONCHENG(BFP) glad seeing u today too :D
sincerely thanking all chefs, and friends for your support..
for today's referal achievement..without you guys,
i don't think i can do well today..:) thanks once again! & papa stewart(:

sweetie, ur shishus isnt shy to communicate with me,
so i enjoyed this nightout, just being ourselves!
lets meet out soon again! (:
aandd FORGIVE daniel! :D haha! loves♥

Posted on: Sunday, March 28, 2010

wasnt be able to wish you in church today! ):
didnt get to see you when i walked back to MAIN (:
hereby, wishing u a happy birthday in my blog! :D
may the angels brings this message to you! (:
today's post would be rather short,
and i would be writing in chinese!
basically, is venting out my unhappiness in me!
on my blog! wouldnt care if anybody will bother to read
but at least, i've said my piece..(:
那么友善的人格, 那么没有脾气的我!
做人为什么那么困难,做好人更加难! ):
我愿意承担/接受一切的委屈! 换为他们的快乐...(:

心声说好了,哈哈...好累了! 希望人在伦敦的哥哥过得好!(: 晚安! ♥


The lord is always a present help in our lives, even if we can't see him or hear him "jesus christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever!"


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